2022 Acura ILX – A Real Performance Sport Sedan?

2022 Acura ILX –  The all new Acura ILX is only in the marketplace for about two months now, yet in all of its model year shifts so far, it has seen more than just its fair share of changes. A full year after debuting luxury and added more standard stuff, the latest news for the new 2015 Acura ILX is what s been added, not what s already there.

2022 Acura ILX

2022 Acura ILX

Though we already saw some great performance upgrades in the Acura MDX and Acura RL, the main focus for the all new Acura ILX is safety. Here are some of the major highlights of what Acura will be focusing on with their all new safety additions to the ILX.

What You Have to Get From 2022 Acura ILX

The first safety change coming to the all new 2022 Acura ILX is the removal of the rear seat air bag. Though many may think that the change means that the passengers will no longer be able to receive air support in the event of an accident, this is not the case.

Instead, the change is focused on improving safety inside the cabin. Up until now, most passenger vehicles have either just a standard back seat or nothing at all. Acura has now developed the technology to expand the passenger compartment and provide much more safety and security for those passengers.

Along with this safety upgrade, Acura will also be introducing an all new model year graphics package. Though the model years of the 2022 Acura ILX will be untouched, the graphics will be upgraded for all of the other models due to the consistent updates that will be coming for all of the vehicles.

Some fans might think that this is just a marketing move, but this isn’t the case. Instead, having the same graphics on your Acura ILX is a huge step in making your vehicle look like one that is reliable and a real road legal vehicle.

Another significant safety and styling change with the all new 2022 Acura ILX is the new front end styling. Up until now the Acura ILX did not have a sporty, aggressive front end.

However, now you will notice the front end of the Acura ILX is completely redesigned with a new front bumper cover and side skirt. Also, Acura has moved the center of gravity lower in the front of the vehicle. These two changes along with the new front end styling will give you a luxury sedan that is fun and safe to drive.

Acura has once again dropped the base model of the 2022 Acura ILX. Instead, Acura has decided to introduce the all new premium model. The base model was a big letdown to those Acura lovers who wanted a larger base model without any fancy accessories.

However, after listening to customer reviews about the base model many people are now upset with this decision. I can understand their frustrations because there is really nothing for me in the base model of the Acura ILX.

Acura has wisely decided to keep the performance of their Civic family sedan standard. Acura claims that the Civic will still perform well and be a practical car for city driving.

I am not sure about the practicality of the Civic model but I know about the design and engineering of the Acura ILX. I also know about the reliability of the Civic and how I have felt every time I went into a Honda dealership.

Acura claims that the new Civic’s fuel efficiency will be up to 55% better than that of the current civic. The Civics currently have a combined fuel rating of just over five hundred thousand.

I was not able to take the wrists down test with the Acura ILX because I live in Southern California. However, the test driver that drove the vehicle did notice that there was more power under the hood than the Civic’s new version has. The Acura ILX also has a slightly larger gasoline tank than the Civic’s, which may help with fuel economy. Either way, this vehicle has a nice set of brakes.

The 2022 Acura ILX is given a high safety rating by both the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the Consumer Reports best-buy award. Acura claims that the Civic’s safety, passenger and cargo space are its biggest weaknesses.

I do not know about the cargo space and safety of the Civic, but the Acura ILX comes with a very roomy trunk that fits several small things including groceries. Also, Acura does not offer a glovebox for this model. Overall, the Acura ILX is a great compact car with some nice options and an edge over the Civic.